...herb for the service of man...

"He causeth the grass to grow for food, and herb for the service of man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth; And wine that maketh glad the heart of man, and oil to make his face to shine, and bread which strengtheneth a man's heart." ~Psalm 104: 14-15

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Kitchenette Update (part 1)

Here it is! Lookin' so much better, don't you think?

Notice the highest shelf, which I hadn't mentioned before? Goldenrod tea pot, quart of local raw honey, matching set of boxes full of homemade tinctures, bottles waiting to be filled (that tall one is my Elderberry syrup bottle!), and my rag basket-turned apron basket. :-)

I'm deciding still where I want to hang my cast iron; I have one medium pan, and several small pans, a grill plate, and a muffin pan (the original inspiration for the kitchenette!)   The idea is from the "rafters" above. Right now, they are with the pink jars, still under the sink.

The hard-wear from the shelving makes a nice towel hook or tea cup/mug hanging spots. Still need to add the electric kettle, the hot-plate, and a toaster oven. Those are on their way from Amazon though, so maybe next week when I tell you about my cookbooks, I can share photos of everything all in place... :D

What cookbooks are your favorite? How many would you take on a 4 month adventure? 

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

"Chaconut" Ice Cream!

 Have you heard? It's National Ice Cream Month! That's right, we have a whole month dedicated to that creamy delicious treat! (Thanks President Reagan!) With that in mind, I'd like to introduce you to my favorite ice cream. It includes 3 of the most delicious things I can think of: chocolate, cream, and coconut!


This recipe was inspired by Marilly Beard. She has a recipe in her e-book Just Making Ice Cream called "Almond Joy."  I bought her e-book after looking over a friend's copy; it's the best for homemade ice cream!

Just Making Ice Cream


I took her recipe, adapted it to fit my ingredients and personal preference, and now I have my own ice cream recipe. The flavor of my creation is delicious, but the name Almond Joy just isn't quite right. Tastes more like "Chaconut". :]

    My "Choconut ice cream" recipe:

    • chocolate bar (blend into powder first for texture)
    • 1 pint organic cream
    • 1 pint raw milk
    • 2 fresh eggs
    • almond butter, to taste
    • coconut, shredded
    • vanilla extract (extracted into rum for the full flavor
    • pink salt (or celtic sea salt would do-some sort of unrefined sea salt if you can)



    First blend everything together till combined.* Then put in Ice Cream maker, following the simple instructions for your machine. Remove and eat when ready!
    *For Whipped Nut Cream: First blend the cream and egg whites. Then add in egg yolks and the rest, blending till smooth and creamy.

    This ice cream only take me about 30 minutes total to make! It's totally a DIY summer project! :) Fast, easy, and so YUMMY!

    Wednesday, July 9, 2014

    3 Ways to Have Fun with Herbal Dye @ Bulk Herb Store Blog! + More Here

    Do you love color, flowers, and all things natural, but you’re not sure where you can get a good natural dye? Well we have the answer you’ve been looking for.

    You can go outside and pick your own! (Or easily get some – dried & ready for you – from Bulk Herb Store.)

    That’s right, you can use ordinary plants and flowers to bring a variety of color and fun to your DIY dying project. First, let’s talk herbs and preparation. Then we’ll get to three ways you can have fun with herbal dye!

    1. Flower Pounding
    2. Dying Fun things with Herbal Dye
    3. Herbal Tie Dye

    Finish reading 3 Ways to Have Fun with Herbal Dye over @ Bulk Herb Store Blog!


    Looking for more on dying?

    There's a detailed article by Helen at Growing Color on Mordanting, if you're interested in learning more complex mordanting methods. Or read Kitchen Dying at Tartan's Authority for information on using alum and iron mordants. But today on 3 Ways to Have Fun with Herbal Dye we're looking at using salt or vinegar.

    Photo by Bulk Herb Store
    Photo by Bulk Herb Store
    Photo by Bulk Herb Store
    Photo by Bulk Herb Store

    Herbs to use? 

    You can find my affiliate link in the side bar, if you're interested.

    Other natural things can make great dyes too! Avocado skins can make dusty rose, red cabbage for a purple, onion skins make a nice yellow, and the list goes on!

    Hope you get out there and discover more ways to have fun with Herbal Dye as you "learn and live well"!

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    Sunday, July 6, 2014

    What about a Berkey?

    What's a Berkey?  Good question!  

    A Berkey is a type of water purifier. It goes beyond filteration, and actually purifies your water. Berkey water filters take out the nasties, and leave behind the good minerals!

     Why would you need to have a Berkey?

    "Your basic drinking water oftentimes contains chlorine, lead, harmful bacteria, and even mercury. Sometimes we can detect these harmful elements by taste, but most of the time they are tasteless and we have no idea what we are consuming."  -Hannah Stoll BHS

    Now let me tell you about when I use my Berkey water filters....

      I travel a lot. I'm often to be found in a foreign country, I'll hop across the continent every-now-and-then, usually take a couple hour drive almost weekly... And almost without exception, I take my Berkey Sport bottle (with it's built-in filter) with me everywhere I go.  It's my first choice for a water bottle, and the only filter I trust on-the-go.
     I'll sometimes take along an extra metal bottle too, which I like to fill from a Big Berkey or Royal Berkey if I'm at my friend's house...still haven't been able to get my own-can't wait! I love the taste of water when the good minerals haven't been filtered out - reminds me of the mountain well water back home - and that kind of water doesn't pick up a metallic taste from my metal bottle!

    Photo by Bulk Herb Store

    Where can I get a Berkey today?

    Aren't you ready to get a great water purifier? (Maybe you're even in a water bottle shopping mood, or ir you're feeling the need to carry along something you can fill up on your summer adventures!) I highly recommend the Berkey Sport water bottle from Bulk Herb Store! If you want good clean water for your home, counter-top Berkeys are GREAT! 

    Would you consider buying a Berkey? Already have one? tell us why you love your Berkey!

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    Tuesday, July 1, 2014

    What to put in your Herbal Medicine Cupboard: Beyond the Medicine Chest

     Remember when I wrote about my herbal medicine chest? I ended then with the mention of the herbal remedies that don’t fit in the little chest, but instead need to go in an herbal medicine cupboard. Since then I’ve moved four times taking my Herbal Medicine Cupboard collection -or parts of it- all over the place. My first medicine cupboard was the funnest place! A closet full of all the sacks of herbs, jars of preparations, jugs of essentials - definitely much too much to keep in one box!

    I’ve added to it, re-stocked it, made some changes, and finally typed it up in a list for you – along with some additional things that what I now keep in the original  herbal medicine chest. I’ll share with you now the things that most fit into the medicine cupboard category. (Not all the teas and cooking spices.) ...

    Go see my latest post @ Nourishing Simplicity for the rest of the story... 

    A Gypsy’s Herbal Medicine Cupboard


    Find all this and more on the pinboard: Natural First Aid & Herbal Medicine