"He causeth the grass to grow for food, and herb for the service of man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth; And wine that maketh glad the heart of man, and oil to make his face to shine, and bread which strengtheneth a man's heart." ~Psalm 104: 14-15


Wednesday Photo: Culinary Delights #1

Breakfast of Herbal Eggs, Tea, and garden fresh tomatoes! 

Tea with mushroom-eggs and grape tomatoes


An Easy remedy for my colds: Drink Elderberry Kombucha and Teas!

Have you, like me, wondered "What to drink when sick?" Now I've my answer; Kombucha made with elderberries, ginger or mint!

Ginger Kombucha & Elderberry Kombucha

I've often read about herbal remedies and just plain healthy foods that help restore health when used abundantly when just starting to get sick. But I hadn't ever succeeded in using them enough or at the right time to actually benefit with a quicker recovery. (Think raw garlic, echinacea tincture...)

That is, until this year's colds started to come on. Now I've finally found something that works for me! I can just grab and drink, no prep needed! :]  Plus it's something tasty, and I like having something to drink besides just water when I get sore throats anyway!

The first happened sort of accidentally really. I had started 3 different flavors of kombucha on their second "ferment"(or when "bottling") the day I started to get sick. So I strained them, tasted them, and drank profusely of the elderberry variety. It shouldn't have surprised me that I started to recover nearly as soon as I started to feel the cold come on! But the real proof to me of the helpful healing power that God has put in this neat little berry was that it didn't develop into a cough-at all! Anyone who's been around me much in the last 3 years could tell you, I get coughs. That hang on. For months. Well, not this time! I first learned about the wonders of kombucha from Mexican Wildflower (now Nourishing Simplicity).

 And I haven't even started to tell you about the summer cold and what helped then. It was teas from Bulk Herb Store that helped with the almost the same results! Lemon Drop Tea, Dr. Cinnamon, and Double-E Immune Booster. I drank those, some more kombucha, and raw milk back in July when I started to get sick. Again, no lingering cough! Yay!

 There are so many other drinks that you can make simply at home: Nourishing Simplicity has a post about tea, Keeper of the Home has this post about making drinks (you can even turn juice into a good soda!), a friend named Lizzy always just puts lemons in her water, and I think an interesting option (added to water) is cucumbers or strawberries with mint!  *Now find over 100 cold drink links on my pin board: 100+ Cold Drinks You Can Make on Hot Days!*

What do you drink when you're sick ~ Have you tried kombucha? What flavors have your made? Any helpful hints you've found?

*You can click on the links above to go to Bulk Herb Store to find the berries and teas I mentioned at, or you can use my affiliate link here - which would give me a small commission without effecting your price at all: Dried Elderberries.*

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Penmanship and good ol' fashion chores

   Once upon a time, there was a gypsy who spent the summer with goats.  She milked twice a day and altogether would get a gallon by the end of it! It was fun, though tiring. She had to get up and be ready to milk by 6:00-6:30 every day.  And she noticed in her hands and arms muscles that previously went unnoticed ... When she started out, she couldn't even finish (had to get a bit of help from a neighbor lady) as her hands weren't strong enough. Then one day she found she could push herself and just do the whole milking....she got such good milk when it was fresh and cool!

Jimmy With Goat and Girl
BY Jwinfred

   With that happy story in mind, a friend of mine, who's also an artist and pastor's wife, talked to me about penmanship. She said that one reason that people in the past were able to have good beautiful penmanship is that it takes muscle and strength to write so swirly and fancy...so doing regular chores and working with one's own hands has the benefit of improved penmanship ability! :]

TypeSETit »MonteCarlo« ❖ The Unforgettable Herb Lubalin (for widescreen displays)
BY arnokath

Post Script

A reader just posted this on a facebook comment:
I would LOVE to learn how to write in a beautiful way... Spencerian... something. Don't quite know where to start...
So went searching and found some neat posts! Here's one on In My Own Style called A Lost Art: Pretty Lettering. She talks about her love for penmanship, seeing style on paper. Then she talks about a book on improving your writing, along with sharing some tips on how to start improving your everyday script.

I also found more links and inspiring ideas, so I'll leave you with this, my new pinboard: Penmanship.

Post post script

Aug. 28, 2014
Just read The Blessing of Old Fashioned Work Part 2 @ Strangers & Pilgrims

Concocting: Toiletries: Scent-Prevent #1, on hold now

I put this concoction on hold; I was very excited about it (I made up a recipe, and it works!) but then I read something else about one of the key ingredients, which was worrisome enough to cause me to stop using it, wait to post about it, and do more studying first...

The original contained wild sage.

Do you have any info about it? What have you read? Have you used sage other than for cooking with small amounts? Thoughts...??

So, meanwhile, this concoction is under scrutiny, and I may "recall" the first recipe....and try again later!

(As always, please leave comments with any thoughts you have on this!)

Scat-sack: to eliminate and deter rodents and pests!

I must make some today, since I found some creatures trying to make our home into their home...
I don't know about you, but when creepy-crawlies poke their noses into my home, my reactions is "SHOO!" "SCAT!" "Get OUT of my house!".

Here's how you can make a "scat-sack" to scare away the scaries and get them to skitter along to some other place - not taking up residence in your home!

Easy as 1-2-3 :]
  1. Sew one sachet bag, or use any thin muslin bag, or an odd sock.
  2. Fill with: tansy, bay, lavender, sage, rosemary and peppermint. Stitch or tie closed.
  3. Store in drawers, closets, cupboards, old trunks and chests. (They can also add a touch of prettiness when added to a basket of knitting or other handwork. Especially if embroidered or when made with a calico.)

One of the creatures that was spotted trying to get in:

  Snake creeping right over our door frame!

But when I found this ugly gal in my living room (and the place was recently and well cleaned too), well, that was the last straw!
Black widow by my chair!

What's the worst critter you've ever found in your house?  Tell us how you got rid of them...


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