"He causeth the grass to grow for food, and herb for the service of man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth; And wine that maketh glad the heart of man, and oil to make his face to shine, and bread which strengtheneth a man's heart." ~Psalm 104: 14-15


Health & Safety Traveling Tip #2 Drink Clean Water

Always check, and never ever drink water that isn't pure, clean, safe.

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DO drink water. Lots of water; but be sure it's:
  • bottled water
  • filtered/purified water
  • or boiled and strained water

These are some great options for travel!!

I've used the Sport Berky in my travels for over a year; it's wonderful to not worry about if there will be clean drinking water wherever I'm headed!  (The one time I didn't use it, I seriously regretted it! The sweet folks offering me that nice cold water had no idea what it would do to a foreigner... Sometimes it's ok to just check and ask where the water is coming from. Canal water is not safe drinking option folks!)

I never know where I'm going next. But with a Sport Berky water bottle filter purifier, I've been able to safely drink water from a rain puddle in the Tennessee countryside, water all over Mexico, filling up in airports after security, and even when visiting friends in the city. :]

One time when I didn't ask about the water in a new area, I drank water which was just fine for the locals (that time of year), but for a foreigner it was bad news. (Parasites thrive in places like canals!)

Do NOT drink:
  • dirty water
  • canal water
  • stream or lake water that looks clean
  • tap water in questionable situations 
In a very bad situation, you could even end up with something worse then parasites; you could get cholera or other deadly diseases. Be careful! See my next post for more info: What About A Berkey?

Please be careful, protect your health, ask about the water!  "Bring along & use a Berky"


Take 'em everywhere: top 7 herbs!

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Herbs! Take 'em with you, wherever you go!

These are the first seven herbs that come to mind when I think about leaving home for a while:
  1. elderberries
  2. bentonite clay
  3. cayenne pepper
  4. plantain
  5. activated charcoal
  6. peppermint
  7. red raspberry leaf

There you have it, the best herbs I can think of! :D I wouldn't want to be away without them, ever again! (But if you ask me tomorrow, or give me a few more minutes I'm sure to add more! ...garlic, arrowroot powder, diatomaceous earth, chamomile, lavender, lemon grass, and then things like honey, apple cider vinegar and beeswax!) ;D

Which of these have you used? Will you try the others? What are your top herbs? Leave a comment with any thoughts... :]

Health & Safety Traveling Tip #1 Seat Belts

  3 Stories on why you should Always wear your seat belt. 

Story #1 Back-roads and Belt-less

  While traveling in a third-world country this year, I ended up in the back of a van without a seat-belt.  I didn't think too much of it, despite my normal absolute instance (see below for the first-grader with broken arm story) on wearing a seat-belt in any moving vehicle.  But this was in another country, a small road,  with nobody around for kilometers. What did I have to worry about? Nothing.  Or so I thought.  --To be continued

 I'll get back to what happened next, but first, a couple other stories...

Story # 2: A Sad Tale

  There's a sad story.  It happened after graduation one year. Miss White, riding on the back of a car across the parking lot, with her arms full of flowers for her mom; she was so happy. Until they hit a speed-bump. She fell, and hit her head. Then followed years of heartache for her parents, as she lived unable to speak or move.Years later she died. It was so tragic.

Story # 3 "Seat Belts: Your Single Most Effective Safety Step."

   Then on the other-hand, there's a story with a happier ending. My little, pesky brother didn't quite get the idea of minding his own business - not when it came to people who'd drive away from out house not wearing seat-belts. He would always say something. Now, let me tell you, I'm all for for seat-belts. Completely. All the time. (As a small child I had a very serious compound fracture, and while being put in a car to drive to meet the ambulance, all I could sob out, as I held my bloody arm with the other was "put my seat-belt on! put my seat-belt on!") But, sadly, I felt it was a faux pas to say something to our guests. So I didn't say anything. (And though I may have tried shushing my brother, happily- I failed!)
  One day, a family friend told us that he'd saved her life! She said she used to be in the habit of not putting on her seat-belt. But just to humor my little brother, she had started using it - at least as she'd leave our home. Then at her house, it was a little more automatic since, as she'd backed out of her own driveway, she could just hear (remember) his little voice telling her to "put you seat-belt on!" So she just did. Then one day, after remembering that cute little boy, and making good use of her seat-belt, she was hit and in an awful accident. But, since she buckled-up, she was kept in her seat, inside the car, and was spared a nasty death!

Story #1 continued: Belt-less and BANG

  So back to my first story. There I was, in the back of the van, digging through my purse, and seat-belt-less. So there we were; tired, hot, and ready to get out of there. We couldn't wait to get back to the hotel for a swim, cold shower, and AC. We zipped along that dirt road like it was nothing. Then in the middle of nowhere there was a huge bump in the road, the same color dirt as everything else, including the road. Bump, went the van. and BANG, went my head! I flew up and hit the ceiling. My head banged, then my neck bent over to the side. Wow, did that hurt or what! What we thought was no big deal (no seat-belts), was a very big deal: I ended up with a concision. Dizzy and dazed for two days, couldn't focus and think straight, and I didn't want to swim anymore either.

  Car accidents are being called "crashes" by the authorities these days, when people die due to lack of seat-belt use (often being thrown from the car); "it's no accident, it could have been prevented. Easily." -CHP Officer last week reporting on the local news deaths of some teens who were thrown from their car, which then rolled on-top of them, killing them.  It didn't have to happen; but it happens all the time.  Comma, concussion, flying off (or through the window) of a car, does not feel good. It doesn't end well.

Do yourself a huge favor this summer; properly wear your seat-belt!



5 Ways to Travel

What do you do before you set foot out the door? No matter what your form of travel, here are 5 sites with great ideas! 

  • It's good to be prepared, just ask this cheery traveler.
  • What could you have handy and ready to go, so you don't have to re-think/pack every time you head out? Just ask this mamma.
  • Traveling by plane? Or want to pack herbal remedies, and travel light? This simple gal has ideas!
  • Speaking of traveling light, this site shows you how to pack 20 outfits in a carry-on...
  • ...and this one how to make 30 outfits with 14 items. 

So by bus, boat, auto, air, or rail, it's better to be prepared, so easy when you have a bag for the kids all packed and ready, simple to take herbal remedies along, and possible to travel lightly -even with nice outfits!

  What are you favorite Traveling Tips?


Resource for internal packing

What to pack?? Don't forget, the most important is found internally...

While a relative was planning her trip across country, she told me this:
I was packing my suite-case, planning exactly what to put in it. But then God reminded me not to focus just on the external; I needed to prepare internally too. Now I'm packing more important things...
  • Wisdom
  • Discretion
  • Gentleness
  • Joy
Study what the Word of God says about these things. Where can you find Scripture on these subjects to instruct, encourage, and grow your character?   Blue Letter Bible is a handy on-line resources where you can search for specific words, read entire passages, and link on-line.

 While it maybe nice to bring a compact, well planned suite-case on your adventures, don't forget the most important things to pack as well!   Job was a man that God called "upright," the book of Proverbs details a "virtuous woman," and Micah answers the question of what is right... 

...O man, what is good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?
Go do some research, and don't forget to pack some more depth of character!


Herbs on-the-go intro

Herbs on-the-go

This month I'm focusing posts on "herbs on-the-go". I'm usually on-the-go myself anyway, but I've had some things in the bag for a while that I'd like to finalize and share. :)  So I'll be sharing my herbal toiletry kit, some health & safety tips, and my herbal first aid kit over at Bulk Herb Store Blog. :D  Hope you enjoy!