"He causeth the grass to grow for food, and herb for the service of man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth; And wine that maketh glad the heart of man, and oil to make his face to shine, and bread which strengtheneth a man's heart." ~Psalm 104: 14-15


A Surprise, pest Problems & Solutions, and some Favorite Herbs!

*Drafted: August 2013. 
**Edited and affiliate links added on June 10th.

A Surprise [to Myself]

   I recently stumbled onto something that I wasn't planning to make use of:  An affiliate program with Bulk Herb Store. Since I was already a walking, talking, typing commercial for Bulk Herb Store anyway, I was encouraged to join their affiliate program - they like to give a portion of regular purchases back to the person linking to their store. So here's my intro/affiliate-link-filled post! (And just to be clear, from now on when I rave about Bulk Herb Store, I'll be sharing affiliate links from which I can receive a commission.)  

My Affiliate link for Bulk Herb Store!

  I currently have 17 now 18 19 items in my own Bulk Herb Store cart. These are the ones I  ran low on--or gave away to the other missionaries when I came home from my last teaching position. (Can you just imagine the conversation I would have had with Spanish-speaking customs people?? "no senor, this white powder- it's not drugs, no it's just an herb, really!" Ha! Didn't sound like a good idea.)

Some of My Favorite Herbs

I can't imagine going back out without: Plantain, Cayenne Pepper, Bentonite Clay, Activated-Charcoal, black walnut hull powder, wormwood, cloves, elderberries ...and my favorite teas.  So, I'll take the rest of this post to tell you about what I'm planning to restock before I leave. These are most of my favorites, which I hope not to be stuck out of the country without. I want you to know why they are so important to me, and what you too can use them for!

Body Care Herbs

Two of the herbs in my cart are bentonite clay and arrowroot powder.  Did you know, with those two herbs you can make some awesome and easy body care products? A 3 month supply of deodorantBaby-powder (without the dangers of talc to your baby or yourself) and a 2 month/2 person supply of toothpaste, & the best anti-itch-paste-I could-get-my-hands-on-for-dozens-of-bug-bites. With one bag each of bag of arrowroot powder and  bentonite-clay.

Pest Problems & Solutions

The next place doesn't have the nasty mosquitoes and invisible "midget flies," and doesn't have all those herbs-dear sweet herbs, that I left behind last time. Well, it was hard to get them there in the first place, so taking them back out seemed like a cruel thing to do. 
  Leave those missionaries without the plantain for mosquitoes bites?? Utter torture! (though I did get 20 x as many bites as the locals! I have scars from the ones I scratched open...shoot, knew that was a bad idea! next time, apply more plantain, bentonite, or BHS toothpaste!) 
  [I'd like to try making a black salve, with activated charcoal, plantain, and maybe bentonite clay -but need to research first!- to keep on hand, just in case I ever again have 20+ bites on a single limb!]
  Activated Charcoal-take that from them?? What about the next bout of food poisoning? Seriously, the stuff helps sooo much when you feel like you'll be puking all night from bad food!   
   There was the Bed-Bug scare too. I was so determined to help rid the world (ok, just our corner of it!) of bed-bugs with Diatomaceous Earth, and sent for it so adamantly, that my family packed up every bit of it, a friend sent half of hers, and -well, then Dr. found out it was really scabies! Instead I could have asked for chamomile, comfrey, calendula, and rose! (Had a bit of lavender already). But since they also sent tansy, we were able to make some "scat-sacks" to help with the other pests.

The herbs that "saved the day!"

 And trust me on this last one, you never want to come down with parasites and not have anything with which to kill em and flush em all out including the nasty little eggs! So next, I'm getting some capsules for my black walnut hull powder, wormwood, and fresh ground cloves!

   Oh, and can't forget the elderberries! Elderberries in kombucha, elderberries in my tea (think Double E-immune booster with me now!), elderberry syrup ... oh the delights of all these herbs!! 

Once again, here's the link to my favorite place to get all those great herbs!!



  1. I look forward to hearing about your salve making process and how it works. I too seem to be eaten alive by the bugs. Last year camping I aquired over 50 bites during one of the 3 day trips. It certainly makes me miserable. I love reading your posts and recipes! Keep them coming! Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Thank you so much, Kate! It's nice to know these ideas are interesting/helpful, cause some times, you never hear back, and never know!

    Oh that sounds so *itchy* and frustrating! (I sure can sympathize though; last year I was in an area where "no-see-'ems" where eating me alive...at least, it felt that way!)

    I'm not sure when I will be posting those new recipes and ideas, but have you seen the one about bentonite clay paste for bug-bites? It might help in the mean time:



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