"He causeth the grass to grow for food, and herb for the service of man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth; And wine that maketh glad the heart of man, and oil to make his face to shine, and bread which strengtheneth a man's heart." ~Psalm 104: 14-15


Soothing Flower Bug-Bite Salve (recipe & tutorial)

DIY Herbal Soothing Flower Salve

Bulk Herb Store-inspired DIY soothing flower bug-bite slave!

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Pour out desired quantity...

Mix equal parts, or use the proportions listed below: 

mix herbs together...

put herbs in jar...

 (Use a jar with a good lid that seals well.)

add coconut oil to cover...

and essential oil of lavender if you want.

Now heat the jar of herbs and oil in order to extract the herbal properties into the oil. You can set it out on a windowsill in a paper sack for several weeks, in a slow-cooker on low for 3 days, or on the stove in the following manner:
  • place thick rag or washcloth in bottom of pot
  • place lidded glass jar on top
  • fill with water to the level of the herbs and oils inside the jar
  • heat -do not boil- for about 45 minutes
Then let cool and remove the jar. Strain out the herbs (which you can find a way to reuse, or discard into your compost) and reheat the oil to melt in a small amount of bees wax. Keeping in mind that it needs to be liquid still, wait a short time, then carefully pour into contain of choice to store your salve. A favorite it is small squat canning jars, but you can use anything you like! (Remember that it starts out hot - so maybe not plastics- and then will harden -so not too small mouthed.)

For a video tutorial on making salves, click here to watch Shoshanna as she makes first an herbal oil, turns it into a slave, and then continues making a hand/body cream!

*I borrowed the lavender from a friend for this post. We didn't have regular access to mail down there to replace it - and she was saving it for lavender lemonade! - but since I had a little bottle of Lavender essential oil, it worked out just fine! :D

NOTE: Though very soothing, this salve may attract more "biters," due to the sweetness of these herbs and flowers; so keep that in mind when deciding how to manage bug bites!

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Herbs with Babies and Children: 100+ Round-up!

100 links How to Use Herbs with Babies and Chilren

Wow! Have I told you how much I looove sharing whenever I read something great? Well, Bulk Herb Store blog has been covering Herbs with Babies & Children all month long - and I've been saving links right and left - and digging for more! It's not entirely exhaustive (I'm sure to have missed some that should be there) - but it includes over 135 links to all sorts of info, remedies, recipes, and links for you so you can learn more about helping your children naturally!

100+ Resources for Using Herbs with Babies and Children!!

Please, as usual, make sure your do your research, get some really good books, talk to a nutritionist/certified herbalist, and enjoy the wonderful herbs that God has blessed us with! So go a head, dive in, read some articles, get a few new ideas, save the post to go back to later... click here!

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The flip-side: herbs left on the (missionary) field

Well, I didn't realize last year that just 12 months later I'd be on the other end of the left-my-herbs-behind lament. Now I'm home, and most of the wonderful herbal collection is left behind (again)! This time it was totally unexpected and not preventable (as opposed to my ridiculous lack of foresight in the past).

I do have a small collection of the herbs that I most missed before,


Cloth -not paper- Towels!

Cloth Towels not paper DIY

What you'll find over at my guest post with Nourishing Simplicity today:

My story of growing up without a bunch of paper towels. Instead, we found ways to re-use old worn out cloth items in the house...

What you can use to make the switch.

How you can store the alternative.

and more...

So click here to go see the post on cloth -not paper- towels! 


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