"He causeth the grass to grow for food, and herb for the service of man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth; And wine that maketh glad the heart of man, and oil to make his face to shine, and bread which strengtheneth a man's heart." ~Psalm 104: 14-15


My Favorite (online) Herbal School

Vintage Remedies.

Have you heard of Vintage Remedies?  The name rang a bell for me, when I first heard of this online school. I realized that I'd gotten a (e-book version of0 their Handbook of Vintage Remedies.   (Thanks Nikki! I didn't realize at the time just how amazing of a resource that little freebie would be!)

How Vintage Remedies Has Helped Me

Well, a year or three have gone by, and Vintage Remedies has become one of the most useful, helpful, and reliable sources I've been going to for all things health, healing and herbal over the past nine months. What happened nine months ago? I signed up for Vintage Remedies course Family Herbalist. I've had the benefits of the course itself, instructor input, the course materials (books, PDFs, audio info, etc), as well as access to the entire student library of videos and audio messages.

The student library is where I got facts on EBOLA, when the world around me -at least online- seemed to be in a panic; where I found  on ingesting EOs, to pass on to a pregnant friend who was just getting started with EOs; how to more effectively and safely share about herbs and health information; and many other helpful, relevant bits of information - and scientific studies and their results - that I could apply to my life right where I'm at, or pass on to others.

Through Vintage Remedies, I've been able to learn what exactly it is about sugar that makes it a negative thing to health - I've read and read some on this before, but they broke it down so simply in the first day of their (free) 8 Weeks of Real Food email series that started out the year. (It also included  step-by step actions to take so you could integrate the ideas from each week into you daily life, so it was very practical and not just more information to get bogged down with.) With what I've learned from Vintage Remedies I've been able to reevaluate what I write about on my blog, and be more conscientious about sharing wider range of information (contraindications and reasons someone may need to avoid specific remedies or herbs), rather than just basics of things I've been learning on my own for my own use.

As I mentioned, I'm enrolled in their Family Herbalist Course. It's an intensive 27 unit course which I have a year to complete. In the first unit alone I learned enough scientific/historical information that when my grandpa was watching a documentary about health, I knew more facts than they presented about what professors, scientist, and doctors (such as Pasteur, Bernard, Koch, Cannon, and Pettenkofer) have discovered in the past couple hundred years. That was pretty exciting! And from the next couple units, I was able to adapt my daily eating habits to include a more informed and varied healthy range of nutrients.

As you can see, they teach on quite a variety of health subjects! You can take a e-course Herbalism 101 mini-course (with one-month of free access!), a three-month e-course on Essential Oils & Natural Health, or The Healthy Home, or a six month course called Foundations of Herbalism. You can take an intermediate course exclusively covering hydrosols, or aromatherapy, or healing foods.  There's even one as vast and deep as Master Herbalist (one of their 2 year courses).  There's a free series on their blog called Intro to Herbalism: 8 Weeks of Herbalism.

 There are recipes on the blog for everything from lollipops that help during a cold, to counter-top sanitizer, healthier doughnuts, and bath salts to help you unwind. So much to glean from! 

They have books, which I've utilized and been complimented on. (Hey ladies from the retreat - this is the book I was talking about, the Healthy Snack Bars you loved came from Vintage Remedies for Tweens! It has other gems, like this super simple Mixed Berry Sorbet.)

All this, I've added to my knowledge just since last July. Just since joining one course from Vintage Remedies. They also have a student facebook group which has been source to much learning and discussion. They occasionally have a sale, and I was so excited last time they included an e-course in the Ultimate Bundle which coincided with one of their sale dates, that I made a video (it's partly outdated now, but thought I'd just show you what I meant) to tell my facebook followers all about it!

The Natural Health Research Course is another new course which gets right to the heart of what VR is all about. It "helps you to master the advanced tools used by epidemiologists and health researchers for a rational approach to health related events and decisions" - with no experience or background in health research required.

*Sorry, here's the required disclaimer: There are affiliate links mentioned in this post; purchases made through the links to the UHLB contribute to the continued operations of the lovely blog run by my friend over at Nourishing Simplicity.  

The Healthy Home Course

Did you click on that link for the Healthy Home Course? It's one of their newest, and I've been interested in it since it came out! Here's why:
This course covers…
  • which popular healthy living claims are simply sensationalism and which uses are rooted in modern scientific evidence.
  • how to find the balance between natural living and needless stress.
  • how basic lifestyle changes can result in significant health benefits.
  • 15 botanical ingredients, including scientific evidence, proper applications, and precautions for each herb or essential oil.
  • the role of sustainability in a healthy home.
  • safe and effective protocols for natural prevention methods for babies and children.
  • over 45 formulas for toxin-free products you can make at home for your family’s homemaking needs.
Registration includes 3 months of access to our online learning center where you’ll receive:
  • a personal course instructor to walk you through the material, offer feedback on your progress, and guide you through the process
  • over 3 hours of audio lectures with the latest scientific evidence about naturally healthy living
  • video demonstrations and over 45 household formulas to download
  • reviews of scientific studies, outlining which lifestyle changes are truly effective
  • downloadable pdf handouts with outlines to use for your family’s health, formulas you can reproduce in your home, and notes for future reference
  • 25% discounts on Vintage Remedies resources and Mountain Rose Herbs bulk herbs and ingredients, and 10% off From Nature with Love
  • a $45 upgrade certificate valid towards any Intermediate or Advanced course we provide valid for one full year from course completion

Wonderful Opportunity *thru April 27th*

OK, so with all that wonderfulness in mind, I wanted to tell you, there's another similar opportunity available now. It's a sale of a "bundle" of tons of online resources. (Many books for your kindle or e-reader, but a bunch of other things as well.) The reason I'm so excited about it is, if you scroll down past all the plethora of e-books included in the bundle, you'll pass a section on printables as well, and then you'll come to the e-Courses. That is where you'll find the gem of treasure, The Healthy Home Course from Vintage Remedies (Jessie Hawkins)! This is a $95 course, the one we mentioned just above, the Healthy Home Course. A code for that $95 credit is included in this bundle, so you can dig right into a foundations course, or you an invest more and upgrade to one of the intermediate or advanced classes. If you have any questions about them, they are amazing with customer service and would gladly talk with you if you give them a ring!

Last day to get the sale is today!! Get your bundle now. :D Click here.

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