"He causeth the grass to grow for food, and herb for the service of man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth; And wine that maketh glad the heart of man, and oil to make his face to shine, and bread which strengtheneth a man's heart." ~Psalm 104: 14-15


Travel Tip #3 Don't be stuffy about flying!

Do you like to fly? I usually do. Just the thought has been thrilling and exciting ever since I was a little 5 year old thing. I've loved the adventure, the idea.  Someone asked me once if it ever "got old," which left me puzzled. How could something that was the embodiment of adventure, travel, exciting times, be old and boring? I didn't understand how anyone could waste that precious time in the air by sleeping either; didn't they want to stare down at the passing scenery and see the changes in landscape, as we spanned half the continent? Weren't they sad to miss trailing along with the windy, weaving paths of the "little" rivers, or see how the criss-cross of roads and highways looked like little dirt trails drawn by small children in play?  How about the fascinating fact that half the country is filled with fields and crops?  It's so colorful and pretty neat to see mile after mile of food growing down there.

Well, after many flights, travels and adventures, I succumbed. I did, sad to say. I finally slept though a flight, one that wasn't even a "red-eye."  Sad, I know. Well, I did get more used to flying. And sometimes the return trip hasn't held the same gleam of excitement. But this last trip, well, it was sure fun! (Coming home for Christmas with family! Is that something to be excited about, or what?) Except... there was one point that stands out as quite painful. Oh yes, I'd never had such a stuffy head when flying before. This head cold is just that; a head full of, eh hem,
mucus. When we came in for the landing, whoa, did that hurt! The pressure in my ear was enough to cry over.

  The nice lady beside me with whom I'd been visiting is an experienced diver from Hawaii. She was able to offer some advice that gave some very much needed relief. (After all I'd been able to come up with had already failed to help; chewing, swallowing, flexing my jaw, and all sorts of half-unconscious tugging and pushing and pulling on that poor ear!)  She told me that sometimes when divers are so deep and the pressure is getting to them, they pinch there nose and give a soft blow.  (Caution: don't blow your nose too hard, especially when plugging your nose in anyway; you don't want to blew-out your eardrums!)  Well, all there was to lose was discomfort, so I tried it. Pinched my nose, gave a soft blow. Hey! Wow, it helped more than I thought it could!  It did that a couple times, and it did bring me relief.

But it didn't really solve the problem, and I plan to keep my own advice in the future, which I now leave you with:

Advice for flying with a stuffy head: before you get on the plane, like the entire night before, get that head cleared out! I couldn't believe I forgot my previous plan; use garlic oil all over face and feet the night before. Then the day of travel, drink some ginger tea, and rub on some decongestant salve.

See, isn't that a much better idea? :)

What herbal remedies do you use to keep your head cleared up?

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