"He causeth the grass to grow for food, and herb for the service of man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth; And wine that maketh glad the heart of man, and oil to make his face to shine, and bread which strengtheneth a man's heart." ~Psalm 104: 14-15


Warm & Spicy Winter: Potpourri Round-up!

Part 3 in the Warm & Spicy Winter 2014-2015 series.  

Do the holidays end a little too soon for you? I know I start to miss the festive atmosphere just about as soon as everyone starts talking New Year's, taking down the lights, and packs up the  decorations. I miss the lights, the treats, the music. I miss the scents too! If you'd like to linger over some of the scents with which we began the season, then start clicking - we have a collection of Wintertime Potpourris links just for you. 

NOTE: As suggested in part 1, store boughten scented candles don't fit in with A Gypsy Herbal's natural and homemade herbal focus. So to, here; often commercially made potpourri is heavily laden with chemical additives. We're going for natural, healthy options within this Warm & Spicy Winter series.  We'll focus on natural homemade versions of warm winter-time herbal potpourri. Take this post from Our Heritage of Health for example: Natural DIY Air Freshener Ideas for the Holidays

On Making Potpourri 

If you saw part 2, then hopefully you already clicked the link over to A World of Plenty (mixing a scent that lasts); if not, take a quick look at the top section of their post. Then carry on with these other ideas to help you start making wonderful wintery potpourris to carry the holiday scents on in through the new year.

Keeping it Simple: 

Winter Spice Potpourri  Nourishing Simplicity @ BSH Blog 
Homemade Simmering Pot Potpourri @ Fancy House Road
Simple Holiday Potpourri @ Keeper of the Home
Winter Potpourri DIY @ 5 Orange Potatoes
How to Make Potpourri: Homemade Christmas Potpourri Recipe @ Homemade Gifts Made Easy

Getting more Complex: 

Herbal Potpourri Recipe @ Mother Earth Living
How to Make Sweet Smelling Herbal Potpourri @ Hub Pages
Homemade Potpourri@ Mother Earth News

Spices and More Materials You can Choose From:  

8 Spices for Cold Nights
10 Christmas Spices @ Jill's Home Remedies
Verry-Berry (tea) Mix @ BHS Blog
Holiday Potpourri {winter variations} @ Practically Functional
Capturing Winter with Potpourri @ Green Mountain Gardener

Winter Potpourri Recipes:

Homemade Winter Potpourri {3 recipes}
Holiday Potpourri @ Bulk Herb Store
Frugal Tips for Homemade Holiday Potpourri  @  Home Front
Holiday Potpourri @ In Small Measures with Ashley

On Displaying Your Potpourri  

Once you've decided which type of potpourri you want, you can pick from a variety of options on how you want to display your potpourri (remember, you want it to be visually appealing, as well as giving off a pleasant aroma). 

Put it in...

Jars or Jar with screen top or doily
Bowels or dishes
in Pyrex-style or ceramic dishes

...Or store in closed containers (anyone else love the look of an apothecary jar?) to save the scent for when you're near by. Here's an article by Save On Crafts that explains just that, with a little history of potpouris, and details on which roses to use: DIY All about making potpourri - Potpourri Essentials

Simmering Pots:
Crockpot Winter Potpourri @ Just Making Noise
Holiday Decor Tip: Using Essential Oils to Scent your Home Blessed in Homemaking@ BHS Blog
The Smells of the Season @ Make it Do
Fragrant Home: 13 Simmering-pot Recipes @ Tip Nut
Steam your potpourri with pickling salts - an idea from Grow Direct

You can mix a few of these ideas together to set out in your home now, and add the rest of the potpourri links to your pintrest. Then you'll be already for next this Christmas time, with all the fun ideas you want to come back to then! Check our pinboards for these links and more: Winter Wonder, Holiday Fun, and Creating Herbal Gifts

Did you catch the Homemade Winter Potpourri post from A Gypsy Herbal? It has 4 original winter/holiday mixes for you to pick from: Vanilla Cookie, Holiday Berry, Christmas Tree, and Cocoa Mint. :]  Enjoy the rest of the winter, and stay warm!

What about you? Are you glad to have everything put away, or are you missing it already? (Or, wish it was all packed, but are still working on it?!) :]

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  1. These are some great resouces on potpourri. Can't wait to try some. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Oh good. :) Always glad to share ~ enjoy!

  2. Thanks for all the links now I will just bookmark this and can always find it :D

  3. Another great round up! Thanks for sharing this! Next time we get together to do some herbal creations, I will be visiting :)


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